Celebrities at Nostalgia  –  View photos

26th April, 2010             –  Indo Portuguese Night – View Photos

15th August, 2010          –  Freedom Bash 2010 View Photos

14th February, 2011       – Latino Valentine’s Nite – View Photos

6th March, 2011              – Viva Carnival View Photos

19th June, 2011               – World Music Day – View Photos

15th August, 2011           – Freedon Bash 2011View Photos

25th September, 2011    – World Tourism Day –  View Photos

18th December, 2011       – Noitada Portu Goesa” – View Photos

19th February, 2012        – Mask-a-raid- Carnaval View Photos

24th June, 2012            – World Music Day 2012View Photos

15th August, 2012            – World Goa Day 2012View Photos

25th September, 2012     –  World Tourism Day – 

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