About late Chef Fernando & Nostalgia
“It is not by chance but by choice that we came here””If tongue could write, it would be a never ending thank you from the all the taste buds of every one who’s eaten at Chef Fernando’s nostalgia”,

Fernando Aluiso Ribeiro Da Costa
18.6.1951 —6.12.2007
Passionate. Compassionate. GOAN – home of Stubborn – Grit and Laughter – is what comes to mind when one reflect of “ferdie’, ‘nandinho’ ‘Conti’“chef-ito” ‘Nostalgia-Ferdy’as he was fondly called. Fernando Aluiso Ribeiro Da Costa was probably the last vestige of ‘authentic Goan Cuisine”.
Traditionally-Contra beneath his chefs’ hat-Chef stood resolute in self belief; belief in Goa and a deep abiding love for all things Goan. This credo saw him devote his intellectual gifts, and his extraordinary capacity for hard work to the cause of Goan Cuisine. . It is this credence- Chef Fernando’s Nostalgia’ the restaurant showcases. Enormously gifted, multi-faceted personality- who could have triumphed at so much! But it was authentic Goan cuisine that this ‘Home-grown’ boy cooked with finesse and served with love.


One response to “About

  1. Kiran Phadnis

    I had been there for lunch with my daughters on 30th of May, 2013. The food was really good, the portions also good and not very pricey. Very good
    ambience and good service.

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