BY MARIA DE LOURDES BRAVO DA COSTA RODRIGUES (Navhind Times Buzz dated 12-08-2012)

This year “World Goa Day” will be celebrated by a number of restaurants and hotels, starred as well as others, who will try to project to their guests the vast culinary delights of the Goan cuisine. They will be presenting a repertoire of Goan Catholic and Hindu food on their menu.

‘Nostalgia’ (Raia), the late Chef Fernando’s dream venture, will also participate in the celebrations. This boutique Restaurant, which specialises in Goan and Portuguese food, has decided to honour World Goa Day, and will bring in the traditional Freedom Bash on August 15 in a new avatar, that is, celebrate the ‘World Goa Day’.

The restaurant has been celebrating a number of events and historical dates connected to Goa throughout the year pulling a great number of guests who are regular patrons at such events.

The restaurant is managed by Margarida Tavora e Costa after Chef Fernando’s demise. Though she was a manager at the Kuwait Airways office in Panaji she has competently continued to manage the restaurant keeping in mind Fernando’s vision “United We Eat’ and respecting his principles. Maybe it is the trait of the Tavora’s that has helped her to run successfully the restaurant since her siblings are also successful businessmen and one a very successful restaurateur with a chain of restaurants in Goa.

Celebrating special events is Margarida’s forte and she has been able to put together regular patrons, who are the pillars giving her strength to continue to maintain the Goan culinary heritage.

To the gastronomic art is added the pleasure of entertaining the soul of the guests with music, song and dance with the performance of in-house artistes.

Those who have visited the restaurant have been able to listen to her regular musician Saxy Aggy, who plays the saxophone and delights guests with nostalgic numbers. But for August 15 she has some more music to entertain the guests with Friendly Brothers/Cedric/Tania and Andre/ Brian Bones and Allan Moraes.

There will be a well provided buffet with a sumptuous layout of Goan delicacies, which one can hardly see now a days on the menu of most restaurants. These include the like of beef rolado, cabidela, sannas, roasted suckling, Pork pickle, shark ambotic, samareachi codi, uddamethi, etc.

Do you all remember the godchem our mothers prepared for evening tea in our childhood? Now no one has time to go through all the work to prepare these lovely, wholesome mid-evening eatables.

So you will have the opportunity to bring back memories with onna and the festive pattoios, folle and wheat halwa.

(For reservations 2777054/2777098 OR 9822103467)


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