World Music Day Celebrations at Nostalgia


and true to this adage of that great bard Shakespeare, Fernando’s NOSTALGIA has been doing just this for the last 5 years in a row, celebrating World Music Day with a heady mix of these 3 potent ingredients of MUSIC, FOOD and LOVE a plenty.

On sunday 24th of June Nostalgia “Celebrated World Music Day” and “San Joao” with the Latin Connection, a band that connects with Goa’s latin roots featuring Goa’s most accomplished music talent in singer Chrystal Farrell, keyboard player Haydn D’Souza and veteran drummer Alan Moraes along with Colin D’Cruz on the bass. The event also saw Goa’s made-for-each-other popular husband and wife duo, the versatile Tania and Andre at their peak electrifying and Saxy Aggy on the saxaphone.

And FOOD in all its goan glory, the legacy of that inspired Chef par excellence, Fernando. What an inspired array of our traditional Xitt Coddi and Tonak Launk! Rice dished out in artistic Manonas (mud pots).  Tendlim Caldinho, Shark Amottik, Beef Xacuti, Para Kumvoll and the “humble” Samarachi Coddi filled the air with their tantalising aromas. As if this was not fare enough for the gods, there was a baker’s dozen of Tondak Launk, the Toca Boca, the “side dish” accompaniments.. Sardinhas Assadas a Brasa,  Oven roasted suckling, Suckling Cabidela with Sannas, Calchi Codi, Prawn Kismur, Salted Mackerel Salad, Para, Ambadde Koromb, Amadde in brine, Tora Xiro, Lime pickle, Mango Miscut, Chepnim Ambli, Coriander Chutney.

And finally the Dessert to suit the menu… Traditional Goan Sweets…Doce de Grao, Pattoios, Godshem Dodol.

If you could not make it at World Music Day at Nostalgia, Dont miss out on the World Goa Day celebrations at Nostalgia on 15-08-2012

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