World Music Day at Fernando’s Nostalgia



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and true to this adage of that great bard Shakespeare, Fernando’s NOSTALGIA has been doing just this for the last 4 years in a row , celebrating World Music Day with a heady mix of these 3 potent ingredients of MUSIC, FOOD and LOVE a plenty.

This Sunday, June the 19th was extra special and a veritable delight to the senses.

With the talented Cedric at the Key Boards and the virtuoso Victor da Costa at the Violin, Goa’s made-for-each-other popular husband and wife duo, the versatile Tania and Andre were at their peak. Add to this the haunting heart stirring music of Agnelo on the Saxaphone and for good measure, top that up with the Friendly Brothers Ronnie at the Keyboard and Vocals and Jerry with his Guitar and Vocals plus Alex at the Mandolin and you have Trillion Watt MUSIC, electrifying  the houseful restaurant with contagious de-Light.Young and Old were mesmerised and had to be shaken up to take to the floor. These young music makers are truly gifted and have been partners in the endeavour of Nostalgia to reach out to people, with the restaurant’s signature brand of Goan hospitality.

And FOOD in all its goan glory, the legacy of that inspired Chef par excellence, Fernando, had the happily tired guests reinvigorated for the time still ahead. What an inspired array of our traditional Xitt Coddi and Tonak Launk! Our favourite staple, the Goa Rice, the polished and brown varieties vied with the world renowned Basmati dished out in artistic Manonas ( mud pots). 7 mouth tickling curries : Tendlim Caldinho, Uddamethi curry, Tisreo ( clams ) Soimirem, Shark Amottik, Para Kumvoll, Prawn Rosachi Coddi and the “humble” Samarachi Coddi filled the air with their tantalising aromas. As if this was not fare enough for the gods, there was a baker’s dozen of Tondak Launk, the Toca Boca, the “side dish” accompaniments..Pork Solantulem, the celebrated Goa Sausage, Tisreo Sukhem, Prawn Kismur, Salted Mackerel Salad, Para, Ambadde Koromb, Amadde in brine, Lime pickle, Mango Miscut, Chepnim Ambli, Coriander Chutney.

And finally the Dessert to suit the menu… Traditional Goan Sweets…Doce de Grao, Macaroons with hot chocolate sauce and the good old Godshem/Orna.

And this brings us to the most important elixir of all…LOVE… the motivating force behind this funtastic afternoon, and dished out a plenty by the ever young and energetic Margarida who has made it her life’s mission to carry on to greater heights the amazing  dream of her husband and partner Ferdie. The smallest detail of the artistically decorated restaurant attended to with panache, making each guest feel special,  pleasing the long list of dancing partners who wanted to have a swing with the First Lady herself, motivating her retinue of staff, her verve was infectious and everyone was on a high.

Even Nature was under the spell of the day and the rains watched with bated breath….not a drop to dampen the happy spirits!

If anyone has missed this event, you are reminded that on August 15 Nostalgia is having another afternoon like this and looks forward to your presence and support. Thank You.

See you then!!



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6 responses to “World Music Day at Fernando’s Nostalgia

  1. FN

    Nice! Do try to put out some audio and video if possible… it would add value to the blog.

    • cajetan vaz

      the audio is “aah!’, ‘yum’, ‘slurp’, ‘ mmm…”
      and the video: keeps playing in my mind
      pity we can’t recreate the aroma.

    • Caje..,having read your comment here is my reply..”.tum konachea tondan ruch adpak munis…aah/slurp/mummm…korun. U sure a foodie man…think need u to brand us…lets talk business!!!!!!!!!I mean in Portuguese”e para trazer agua na boca amigo” In English…your comments will make anyone salivate or wish they were there…hahaha
      love to u both.

    • Tks Frederico…u never oblige me…now c u 15th AUG… I think Rohan is doing everything for me what else can i ask having friends like u. Have u not put the audio and video Rohan???

  2. Savio Ribeiro

    “Querida, once again, my family & I share in your grief and sorrow on the passing away of your beloved mama – Dna. Imelda. Thank you for your ‘personal touch’ and the excellent & friendly attention rendered to us by Mahesh, Moses, Sandeep and the rest of your very enthusiastic team. We did have a lovely time and I even landed up singing on stage along with my primo Vasquito Figueiredo – Cedric was flexible to allow us sing our traditional Portuguese songs way past his normal closing time. The ambiance & the food/table setting couldn’t be better. I only hope we weren’t to noisy for your regular guests, though some of them did seem to enjoy the singing & even joined in the dancing. Hats of on the great food and TRUE “Goan Ambiance” you have consistently maintained… couldn’t have been any greater tribute to my dear old friend Ferdy.”

  3. Benny De Souza

    Great Site, great photographs with plenty of excitement with all folks having fun. Like the Saxaphone player playing the Tenor sax. Like the Gold and Silver keys on the sax. Keep up the music and it would be nice to see a few video clips of the playing if possible.

    Best regards for the New Year.

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